Recreation: nature and culture

There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature in this area. The forest around La Pinalie is inhabited by deer, foxes, barn owls and lizzards.

in het Bos
beek de Dronne

Along the river Dronne one can walk for hours and at various spots you can take a bath in the river.

Swimming in a nearby lake, some 5 km from La Pinalie and Larret.

glooiende groen Weideland

The forest alternates with fresh green sloping meadow lands with a diversity of flowers in summertime. In autumn there is an abundance of the beautyfull colors of the autumn leaves and you can search for chestnuts, walnuts and mushrooms.

It is possible to rent bicycles, canoes and horses in the neighbourhood. While walking or cycling you will often meet with the for this area characteristic limousine cows.

Abbaye Cistercienne de Boschaud

Opportunities for interesting day-trips are manifold.

The castles, monasteries and old villages are the silent witnesses of the rich medieval history of this area.

left: de Abbaye Cistercienne de Boschaud.

right: the Roman church St.Jean Baptiste in St.Jean de Cole

St.Jean Baptiste
St. Front's Cathedral, Périgueux

left: St. Front's Cathedral, Périgueux

right: la rue de l'Abreuvoir in the medieval town centre of Périgueux

la rue de l'Abreuvoir
Abbaye Cistercienne de Boschaud

In the nearby medieval towns of Nontron, Thiviers, Brantome and Périgueux the markets offer both traditional products and everything you need to cook a nice meal. Many restaurants provide a taste of local cuisine of the Périgord.